Kate Sessions Tree Gallery Terms and Conditions Page

By accepting our terms and conditions you agree to allow Kate Sessions Commitment (KSC) to:

  • *Display your photo and story on KSC website.
  • *Share your story and/or photo on on KSC social media pages including: Instagram and Facebook (with credit to author).
  • *Share your story and/or photo on other KSC platforms including: blog, newsletter, and Tree Mapping (with credit to author).
  • *Delete story if it does not align with our values and fails to meet the standard guidelines of Kate Sessions Tree Gallery.
  • *Access and Edit stories if needed with permission from Author.
  • *Send email notification when story is approved and published onto Gallery. (Author will not be added to newsletter and/or receive any other emails from KSC)
  • *Use Tree Location zip code for geographical data on KSC site and Tree Mapping Project.