Which Tree To Plant?

What tree species?

Healthy urban trees in our region need to be drought tolerant, sized right for the place they will be planted, and provide shade and other benefits. 

Consider these factors:

  • How big do you want your tree to be when it is mature?
  • What tree form/shape is right for your spot? (Round, weeping, spreading, or upright?)
  • How about character, color, and special features? (Evergreen, deciduous, native, flowering, etc.)
  • How much time do you have for maintenance?

Kate’s urban forester is working with our local wholesale nursery and local retail nurseries to offer about ten shade trees and six native trees for purchase, and the trees under consideration are listed below. A longer list of suitable trees is available in this table [need to insert table]. Other trees can be identified by browsing UFEI’s Tree Selection Guide.

The following trees have been selected by arborists, grown at local wholesale nurseries, and are in stock and available for purchase at Walter Andersen Nursery at their Old Town location. They are listed in the table below. More trees suitable for San Diego urban growing conditions are listed in this table .

Small trees are to be planted in planting space less than 25 feet, medium trees in planting spaces up to 50 feet, and large trees in planting space greater than 50 feet. Measure your planting space

Native Trees to Purchase at Walter Andersen Nursery (Old Town)

Scientific NameCommon NameSize
Cercis occidentaliswestern redbudsmall
Chilopsis linearis ‘ Monhewsdesert willow ‘Timeless Beauty’small
Heteromeles arbutifoliatoyonsmall
Hesperocyparis (Cupressus) forbesiiTecate cypressmedium
Prosopis pubescencescrewbean mesquitemedium
Prunis ilicifolia subsp. lyonii Catalina cherrymedium
Pinus torreyanaTorrey pinelarge
Acer negundo or A. macrophyllaCalifornia box elder or big leaf maplelarge
Quercus agrifoliacoast live oaklarge

Ornamental shade trees to purchase at Walter Andersen Nursery (Old Town)

smallScientific NameCommon NameDrought ToleranceSize
Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’Eastern redbudgoodsmall
Eriobatrya deflexaBronze loquatmoderatesmall
Lagerstromia indicaCrape myrtlegoodsmall
Albizzia julibrissinmimosagoodmedium
Arbutus x ‘Marina’strawberry treegoodmedium
Olea europaea ‘Wilsonii’fruitless olive treevery goodmedium
Lophostemon confertusBrisbane boxgoodlarge
Jacaranda mimosifoliajacarandagoodlarge
Magnolia grandifloraSouthern magnoliagoodlarge