Climate Action and Trees

Climate change is accelerating, cities are warming, and more deaths and heat impacts occur during each extreme heat event. Trees are affordable and amazing ways to cool neighborhoods and reduce health impacts.

  • Neighborhoods with more pavements and buildings absorb more energy from the sun and are often 2 to 5 degrees warmer than neighborhoods with more trees. 1-minute video
  • Connections between heat, health and trees
  • All communities deserve to have trees, green space, nature, and healthy neighborhoods. Yet decades of inequitable investment in trees and urban greening in many communities throughout San Diego (and nationally) has led to neighborhoods with few trees, extensive pavement and hotter summer temperatures.
  • It’s not so easy, and takes many resources and roles to grow trees together.

Climate Resources

A Global View

How can we better advocate for trees locally?

Watch this 25-minute video about Urban Forest Advocacy in San Diego.