Consulting with a Certified Arborist

Sometimes you need site-specific information, or validation of the plans you’ve developed on your own. Certified Arborists can make a “house call” consultation to advise about growing a tree (or several) on your property.  And Certified Arborists can advise institutional property owners about where and how to grow more trees on their property.  Hourly rates range from $70 to $100/hour.

What information is needed about the site, before the consultation?

  • What are your reasons for growing a tree, the “right purpose”
  • Be ready with a hand-drawn map showing the following:  buildings, pavement, other trees and landscaping, overhead power lines, underground utilities. and uses for the open areas. 
  • Irrigation system availability and layout (could be a hose and faucet timer for a private yard)

What’s involved in such a consultation? What will the Certified Arborist advise?

  • Placement of the tree(s), the “right place”
  • Short list of locally-suitable and -available tree species to consider, the “right tree”
  • Referral to nurseries offering quality 5-gallon trees for back- and front-yards and 15-gallon trees for institutional properties
  • Reassurance that homeowner can easily transport, dig the hole, plant the tree, and care for it
  • Specifications for preparing for tree planting event, training and oversight during the event, and requirements for watering and tree care
  • Offer to return in a year or two for young tree pruning (for separate fee, or included in initial consultation)

To identify and contact a local arborist, start here. Locally, several Certified Arborists that are members of the Professional Tree Care Association are now offering these services.  If you would like some local referrals, please send an email to .