Creation care and trees

Communities of faith share a commitment to care for the planet. Locally, congregations and members are connecting their faith to growing trees for shade, cooling, and healthier communities in San Diego.

  • Start with an invitation to your congregation and members with reasons that resonate with your faith community.
  • You might introduce it at a service, show a video, start a book study, or offer the idea as a service project with families.
  • Invite youth to act on their environmental concerns and future by investing in trees for creation care and climate action.

Trees on faith properties

  • Bring together faith leaders, building committee, landscaper, and interested members
  • Ask an arborist to assess your site, check irrigation, and suggest species
  • Arrange for tree purchases and set up a planting day with families and other members
  • Pay attention to tree watering, weeding, and young tree pruning to keep trees healthy
  • Recognize that trees on faith properties provide many more benefits of trees in the community

Trees for families and other members

  • Talk about creation care, family commitment to an action, and roles of family and household members
  • Follow these steps! for identifying your site in back- or front-yard, choosing and getting trees (in small 5-gallon size), and caring for your tree
  • Make some lifestyle changes that support both creation care and climate action with trees.

Learn more about your faith community’s actions for creation care.