Tree Donations

How do we match trees with places to grow trees?

Some San Diegans want to get and grow a tree, but just can’t afford to purchase a tree. Some don’t have room for a tree (or another tree) on their property, but want more trees in San Diego. Some are renters, or live in an apartment.

We invite you to donate funds to purchase a tree. You can give a tree as a holiday gift, without adding more “stuff” to the world or getting stuck in supply chain issues. Download a certificate, add the gift recipient and date, print and package it as a gift. [certificate not available yet]

If you want to grow a tree and can’t afford to purchase it right now, we invite you to request a tree. If you cannot access this form, send an email to with your zipcode and whether you want to grow a small, medium or large tree on your site.

When you make a donation of $30 or more, you can claim a “garden sign.” You will receive a confirmation email that includes instructions for picking up a garden sign at Walter Andersen Nursery in Old Town.