Tree Ambassadors

Are you looking for local climate action, cooler neighborhoods, or more urban nature?  Would you invest some volunteer time, or take an internship, or offer your tree-related professional skills to be a Tree Ambassador?

 “Tree Ambassadors” is a pilot program to expand community action to plant, care for, and advocate for trees in San Diego’s urban areas. Interns (any age) will receive modest stipend of $16/hour for 36 hours to engage groups, organizations, or neighborhoods to get and grow trees. Tree Ambassadors can also volunteer (without stipend).

Outcomes are to (1) inform and educate target community; and (2) set and work toward goal for community members to request trees, pick up and plant in front or back yard, or submit requests for a “free tree” from list of sources.  Information and application form at .  Currently, four Tree Ambassadors have been started their projects. Applications accepted until ten interns have been selected.  Questions? Contact Anne Fege,

We can give a short presentation to groups and organizations about Tree Ambassadors and the local Kate Sessions Commitment efforts.  Inquire  = link to