Kate’s Tree Team

Are you looking for local climate action for our nature and neighborhoods?  Would you invest some volunteer time, or take an internship, or offer your tree-related professional skills?  We invite you to learn about (and join) “Kate’s Tree Team” to promote, educate about, and celebrate trees in San Diego!

Start by attending “orientation” meetings, that will be offered in rotation in October through December, on Thursdays at 5 pm. Register for: December 3, 5 pm December 10, 6 pm
December 17, 5 pm

  • ONE:  Explore how climate, heat, health, shade, trees and equity are connected. Learn about benefits of trees and urban greening in San Diego.  Build climate action through public awareness, advocacy and passion. 
  • TWO:  Get basics of how to grow healthy trees and take care of the trees we have.  Learn where and how to plant a tree, how to get and grow a tree, and how to bring this back to your community. 
  • We can also give a shorted presentation to groups and organizations. Inquire

Then offer to promote trees in social media, contact others in your community or organization, consider a formal internship, and participate in coordination meetings. Inquire Current needs are to:

  • Promote trees and climate action in your organization
  • Post social media content for growing trees and taking climate action
  • Organize and invite Kate’s tree photos to a gallery
  • Develop and launch recognitions for Kate’s trees
  • Locate places for donated trees (in underserved communities)
  • Make videos-stories of getting and growing trees locally