Kate Sessions Commitment

Communities are invited to make “Kate Sessions Commitment” to plant, protect, or advocate for 100 trees each year or over several years.  Kate Sessions planted 100 trees a year in Balboa Park, as part of her agreement to operate a nursery on City of San Diego land. Our commitments will continue her legacy, establish our legacy for the future, and bring us cooler, greener, healthier neighborhoods!

Print a certificate! Insert names and dates into fillable PDF then print or send!

Start by showing your commitment, one tree at a time. Put a garden sign by your tree, in your front yard! Garden signs are 9 x 12″ (see image) and available with donations of $30 or more. First, make a donation . You will receive a confirmation email that includes information on picking up a garden sign at Walter Andersen Nursery in Old Town.

A neighborhood, business district, non-profit, or other group can make a commitment (10, 20, 100 or more trees) for a specified time (one to three years). Then develop an action plan, track actions, and eventually celebrate tree additions and advocacy.

Actions can include planting (and caring for) new trees, requesting street trees to be planted in rights-of-way, removing concrete so trees can be planted, protecting trees from vandalism, reporting sidewalk conflicts that can be corrected to preserve trees, nominating eligible mature trees for heritage designation, and more. Trees can be planted in front and back yards, in schoolyards, at houses of worship, in community gardens, and other location.