Healthy Neighborhoods

How can trees be investments in healthy neighborhoods?

Some neighborhoods have few trees, as historically the lots were smaller, front yards were filled in to provide off-street parking, and street trees were not planted or not replaced if they died.  These (and all) neighborhoods need more healthy trees—in street rights-of-way, parks, parking lots, schoolyards, routes to school, places of workshop, businesses, backyards and front yards. Read more about tree benefits and climate action (other website tabs).

Kate’s Trees has resources for community groups—we will walk you through the questions to consider, including: Where can I plant a tree? How can I get a tree? How do I grow a healthy tree? Inquire

Kate’s Trees can help with promotion, education, and follow-up, starting with a key contact at your organization. We can work together to identify locations to plant and water trees. 

Contact us for a learning session or short briefing. We also offer coaching for community members interested in being the primary contact person for their neighborhood.

If you are interested in working with Kate’s Trees, visit our Tree Ambassador page to learn how you can get involved.