Why are trees so important?

They help us live more sustainably, enjoy our everyday lives, and are wondrous living organisms!

Live more sustainably with trees!

  • Walk, bike and wait for buses under the shade of trees
  • Eat nuts (almonds) and fruit from trees, as each gram of protein from trees (almonds) requires far less fossil fuel and water than meat (beef)
  • Enjoy local fruit from backyard trees, community gardens and farmers’ markets
  • Buy sturdy wood furniture that lasts
  • Insist on cardboard shipping and paper packing materials
  • Always buy paper cups and plates, or bring your own silverware and plates to potlucks

Appreciate trees in our daily lives!

  • Notice how trees provide shade and cooler outdoor spaces in the summer heat
  • Take time for walking, chatting and relaxing under trees
  • Discover how some neighborhoods have few trees, 1-minute video
  • Learn more about how trees affect physical and mental health
  • Reflect on how trees remind us of the seasons
  • Notice how trees and parks bring communities together, from all cultures, genders and ages
  • Growing a tree adds nature right away. In five or ten years, you can sit under its shade. And in twenty years it will be a family or neighborhood legacy tree.

Find the wonder of trees!

  • Trees are the oldest, biggest, strongest living organisms
  • Leaves take carbon dioxide into their leaves and expel oxygen, filter out pollutants, and release water vapor that cools nearby areas (like a “swamp cooler” air conditioner)
  • Roots absorb water and take up oxygen from the soil, so trees are stressed by both drought and overwatering
  • For birds and other wildlife, trees provide food, shelter, nest sites, and protection from predators

What can I do for trees?

  • Talk with others about what you’ve learned about trees and how they are part of your life
  • Take some sustainability steps to reduce your contribution to climate action
  • Volunteer to help map and maintain trees (not just plant them!)
  • Talk with your family and friends about getting and growing a tree in their front- or back-yard!  more info
  • Give a shade, native or fruit tree, as an eco-friendly gift instead of adding more “stuff” to the world. Donate $50 so someone else can get and grow a tree, but just can’t afford to purchase it.
  • And most important, protect the trees that already bring us shade, nearby nature, and simple pleasures.