Grow Trees–what’s your motivation?

Whatever your mission or motivation, there are many reasons and resources to grow trees:

Live more sustainably

  • They make our cities cooler in hot weather
  • Trees provide a place for food and shelter for biodiversity like birds and insects
  • They reduce erosion and clean the air, keeping our city cleaner and healthier

Appreciate trees

  • Energy reduction in your home, because they provide shade!
  • More beautiful and healthier neighborhoods
  • Trees contribute to climate action!

Trees are great for front- or back-yards, and can be purchased for about $50 in the 5-gallon size at Walter Andersen Nursery in Old Town (check inventory) or many other nurseries around the city. These smaller trees are easy to transport and dig the hole for, and establish well to their new site.

Right away you’ll have more nature in your daily life. In five years, you’ll have a tree that’s successfully established. In ten years, you can sit under its shade. And in twenty years it will be a family or neighborhood legacy tree.  

  • Follow these steps!
  • Confirm a site and choose a tree.
  • Purchase and plant the tree, water and take care of it, and watch it grow!
  • If you can’t afford a tree right now, request a tree.

You can also donate $50 so others can grow a tree. Give a shade, native or fruit tree, as an eco-friendly gift instead of adding more “stuff” to the world. And most important, protect the trees that already bring us shade, nearby nature, and simple pleasures.   

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