Benefits Of Trees

Why grow trees? What are the benefits of trees?

Trees give us shade, beauty, clean air, places to gather, memories, and much more.

  • Trees are affordable, amazing and highly visible ways to cool neighborhoods and take local climate action.
  • Trees provide wildlife habitat, clean the air, reduce erosion and retain stormwater, enhance local businesses, and offer many co-benefits.
  • They can be your “comfort shade tree” in a pandemic or heat wave.
  • Think a moment about the trees on your street, in your yard or nearby park, or in your childhood!

The Trees in Cities Challenge is a global campaign launched by UNECE to localize climate action and foster urban sustainability and resilience. The Trees in Cities Challenge invites Mayors to make tree-planting pledges and to put these into action. By taking the Challenge, cities can unlock multiple sustainability benefits – for the climate, environment and society.

Check out this list of 22 benefits borrowed from Los Angeles environmental nonprofit, TreePeople.

  1. Trees cool the streets and the city.
  2. Trees clean the air.
  3. Trees bring diverse groups of people together.
  4. Trees add unity.
  5. Trees block things.
  6. Trees provide oxygen.
  7. Trees conserve energy.
  8. Trees save water.
  9. Trees help prevent water pollution.
  10. Trees help prevent soil erosion.
  11. Trees combat climate change.
  12. Trees shield children from ultra-violet rays.
  13. Trees are teachers and playmates.
  14. Trees provide food.
  15. Trees heal.
  16. Trees reduce violence.
  17. Trees create economic opportunities.
  18. Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife.
  19. Trees provide wood.
  20. Trees mark the seasons.
  21. Trees increase property values.
  22. Trees increase business traffic.